Medical Marijuana: Is Home-Growing Right For You?

man growing medical marijuana cannabis at home

The legalization of medical marijuana has sparked vigorous debate across the nation. Despite the controversy, many people who struggle with chronic pain or debilitating mental health issues are experiencing one shared thing: relief. Some people have even started growing their own cannabis plants for convenient access to this unique form of medicine.

Read this quick, nifty guide to figure out if you should grow your favorite Honolulu haze seedlings in the comfort of your own home.

Check Your State Laws

Each state has different laws regarding the cultivation, possession, and use of cannabis. Depending on where you live, you may be able to raise both medical and recreational cannabis plants, only medical cannabis plants, or no cannabis plants whatsoever. Some states limit the number of cannabis plants that can be grown on a single property, whereas others have age limits associated with cannabis cultivation. Check your state laws before acquiring, planting, or using any form of cannabis.

Indoors or Outdoors: Which Works for You?

There are pros and cons to raising cannabis plants indoors or outdoors. In general, it is more expensive and time-intensive to grow cannabis indoors, but indoor plants yield higher-quality produce and multiple harvests throughout the year. On the other hand, outdoor growing requires less money and less effort, but – depending on the location and climate – outdoor plots may only yield one harvest per year. Plus, outdoor plants are vulnerable to sabotage and thievery by unhappy neighbors and strangers.

Be a Good Neighbor

Even in states and municipalities where private cannabis cultivation is legal, many non-cannabis users dislike the idea of living next to a grow house or marijuana garden. As a rule, always be courteous to anxious neighbors, even if they are being rude to you. Practice good home-growing etiquette, be polite, and most of all, control the smell of your cannabis plants.

Growing private cannabis can be a difficult yet rewarding venture. Before planting, consider whether it is right for you. Review the legalities of cannabis cultivation, decide between an indoor or outdoor growing system, and always be a good neighbor.

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