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Are Celebrity Cannabis Brands Really Worth It?

Are Celebrity Cannabis Brands Really Worth It?

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In your search for the best CBD products you can find, you come across a product with a name attached you recognize. In fact, the brand is made by a legitimate celebrity. That product must be amazing, right? After all, if celebs like Martha Stewart, Montel Williams, and good ole Willie Nelson attach their names to something, it must be good, right? Unfortunately, not always.

In reality, a lot of celebrities are historically known to jump on proverbial bandwagons when a certain product has the potential for big profit. The cannabis market is projected to reach USD 197.74 billion by 2028 — obviously, BIG profit potential.

Where Celebrity Cannabis Brands Often Fall Short

The thing is, most celebrities are great for marketing because they have an impressive reach of influence and can accelerate a solid SEO campaign. This means most are involved in cannabis and hemp for one primary purpose: money. Unfortunately, this also means some lackluster attributes when it comes to the products that attach their names to. Check out a few ways a lot of celebrity cannabis brands fall short.

Lack of Sourcing Clarity

Whether you are buying a certain strain of your favorite cannabis or a CBD oil made from hemp, it is ever-important to know where and how the plant was grown. Unfortunately, a lot of celebrities are not really all that clear when it comes to these need-to-know things. For example, in this Martha Stewart CBD Gummies Review, we discovered that the only information provided on the products were made using “100% natural hemp.” Natural hemp could be grown anywhere following any growing practice.

Lack of a Full-Spectrum Experience

Not to continue picking on the Queen of Cookies, but Martha’s CBD products are made only with CBD isolate. Montel Williams hemp extracts are broad-spectrum but not full-spectrum, which basically means the products contain no THC. Barker Wellness from Travis Barker followed the same broad-spectrum path with his line.

Lack of Product Reliability

Third-party lab testing is still important, even if a well-known voice is telling you that their cannabis product is the best. However, a few celeb brands really drop the ball on this one. Even those that claim their products are lab-tested don’t always make those analyses easy to find.

Lack of Logical Pricing

Pricing is another thing that a lot of celebrity cannabis brands get way wrong. It’s not uncommon for some brands to be marked up substantially higher than products made by companies that are well-versed in all things cannabis. For example, with DWiiNK, a brand created by Mike Tyson that specializes in flavored CBD waters, you basically pay .50 cents per milligram of CBD.

Celebrity Cannabis Brands That Do Things Right

So, even though a lot of the CBD products you see that have those flashy celebrities backing them up are not as upstanding as they seem, a few celebs did do things right. For example, Tommy Chong’s CBD line is a relatively reputable brand, which should probably be expected from someone who has a history as one of cannabis’s biggest supporters. Chong’s products are lab-tested, full-spectrum, and made from 100 percent U.S. grown hemp.

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