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She is the author of Vitamin Weed, Kratom is Medicine, CBD Oil For Health, Train Your Brain To Get Thin, and Journal Yourself To Health.

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Is Weed Legal in New Hampshire?

Looking for cannabis dispensaries in NH? The residents of New Hampshire may not have access…

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Are Celebrity Cannabis Brands Really Worth It?

In your search for the best CBD products you can find, you come across a…

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4 Steps To Healing Your Gut and Managing Autoimmune Disease

No one really makes gut health a priority until they start to feel the symptoms…

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25 Of The Most Interesting Cannabis Facts

While a lot is known about cannabis now, there are still some pretty interesting things…

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Why You Should Repair A Glass Bong Instead Of Buying A New One

Many bongs have sentimental or artistic value attached to them. Bongs are usually viewed as…

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How To Prepare Yourself For The Future

You are your best investment, and because of that, you should always strive to be…

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How To Buy CBG Oil That Works

There are a number of places to buy CBG oil out there, even if it…

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Using Language Lessons To Build Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the analysis of facts to form a judgment. Some things are a…

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How To Find a Great Tarot Card Reader

Tarot card reading is a practice dating back hundreds of years, whereby practitioners use a…

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How Ladykind CBD Works To Relieve Period Pain Fast

I got the chance to review one of the newest CBD brands on the market,…