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Why You Should Repair A Glass Bong Instead Of Buying A New One

Why You Should Repair A Glass Bong Instead Of Buying A New One

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Many bongs have sentimental or artistic value attached to them. Bongs are usually viewed as just utilitarian devices designed to deliver smoke from lit flowers. Oftentimes when bongs crack or break, the response is to chalk it up to bad luck and say it’s time to buy a new one. For many cannabis smokers, a bong is much more than just a device at the center of their sessions.

For small breaks and cracks, some short-term methods might suffice for restoring a bong to working order. But in order to really fix a broken glass bong, it needs to be handled by an experienced glassblower. Repairing glass bongs is often easier said than done, especially if there isn’t a reputable glass bong repair shop nearby.

How to Repair a Glass Bong

Glass bongs are repaired through a process called glass blowing. Glass is an amazingly malleable material, but you need to be professionally trained in order to work with this hot, glowing substance safely.

However, even glassblowing experts cannot work miracles. A bong that’s smashed into smithereens cannot be put together. But if you have a chip in the bong’s body or if there are cracks where joints connect to the bong, a repair may be possible.

Options for Fixing a Broken Bong with Household Materials

Duct Tape

The quickest way, involving no glassblowing skills, is duct tape. As Wikileaf points out, you can temporarily repair a bong with damage near its base by applying a layer of duct tape.

Two-Component Epoxy

Use food-grade, two-component epoxy to fill in minor cracks in a glass bong. However, cracks filled in near the base don’t usually succeed because water eventually seeps through, destroying the makeshift seal.

Don’t be tempted to go for a quick fix using some kind of hardware store “super glue” adhesive, as these types of materials typically contain toxic materials. Stick with food-grade, human-safe repair solutions.

If you choose any of these methods, you will be unable to have it professionally repaired because it will no longer be able to go into the kiln. Unless you have no other choice, hiring a professional is always the best option.

Final Thoughts on Glass Repair

If your bong has broken and you want to bring it back into proper working condition, there are options. Do your research and make sure the shop has good reviews before sending away your bong.

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