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How Ladykind CBD Works To Relieve Period Pain Fast

How Ladykind CBD Works To Relieve Period Pain Fast

ladykind cbd for period pain and menopause

I got the chance to review one of the newest CBD brands on the market, Ladykind. It’s marketed for women of all ages, from menstruation through menopause, and being that I’m a huge advocate for women’s health, I couldn’t wait for my Ladykind box to arrive!

My review of Ladykind Tough Love Pain Relieving Cream

How did Ladykind Tough Love Pain Relieving CBD Cream work? I actually received my Ladykind box on Day 2 of my period, which is usually a pretty awful day where I lay on my heating pad all day cursing my life and eating any CBD or cannabis edibles I have in the house and praying to just fall asleep out of pain.

I literally ripped open the Ladykind box, opened the jar of Tough Love, and immediately rubbed it all over my pelvis and my back. I then hopped back into bed with my two heating pads on my back and pelvis and prayed that this would work.

What did happen…in about five minutes my uterus went from crazy painful nonstop cramping to stopping cramping. It was like being on the beach and see the waves go from hurricane crazy to low tide. Yes, my pelvis and back still hurt five minutes in, but the cramping, which is what keeps me in bed instead of sitting up on my computer had stopped. I got brave, got out of bed, and took my heating pads to my home office and tried to check my work emails.

I started working on some tasks, and realized a whole hour had gone by without me being distracted by pain! I had gone from a level 10 in pelvic and back pain to a level 4 at most in an hour. My period pain was greatly reduced for 6 hours, and after that I reapplied the lotion and the full cramping and pain relief kicked back in.

I found taking the LadyKind Wind Down CBD Tincture (yes the “nighttime” one) under the tongue while I had the CBD cream on my pelvis brought my pain down to a 1…aka non-existent! I might have yelled Hallelujah and thanked God for Ladykind. Being pain-free after a level 10 day is the kind of relief that will bring tears of joy to your eye.

The science behind Ladykind CBD lotion for period cramps

There’s more than CBD in Ladykind’s Touch Love Pain Relieving Cream. It also contains cramp bark, licorice root, turmeric, lidocaine, lavender oil, and many other healing oils and plant extract.

Here’s what why these ingredients are amazing for pelvic cramps as well as back pain and even abdominal pain:

  • Cramp Bark – used to reduce pain and spasms from menstrual cramps.
  • Lidocaine – anesthetic clinically effective at reducing pain topically.
  • Turmeric – a spice that contains the active ingredient curcumin, known for reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and reducing uterine cramping. It’s also used in many recipes for heavy metal detox.
  • Licorice Root – anti-inflammatory plant with many traditional uses including reducing hot flashes during menopause.
  • Lavender Oil – essential oil helpful for reducing pain, cramping, and anxiety.

My review of Ladykind Wind Down Tincture

So how did the Ladykind Wind Down CBD Tincture work? I’ve been using the night time tincture about 30 minutes before bed for two weeks. A full dropper of the Ladykind Wind Down Tincture contains 25 mg of CBD + CBN, which is the dose I recommend if you’re an experienced CBD user using it at night. Normally it takes about 10-15 minutes for sublingual CBD products to work when you drop it under your tongue and hold it there for 30-60 seconds. If you swallow it accidentally without holding it, or drop it in you chamomile tea, it can take 30 minutes to work because it has to be digested through your gut.


My nightly ritual is cracking open a book, sometimes on my Kindle. Ladykind helps me actually turn off my racing thoughts for the day and enjoy the book. The CBD oil tincture also helps me drift to sleep instead of being wired and having to finish the book in one sitting. Ladykind CBD tincture also mutes whatever fibromyalgia leg pain aching I’m feeling so that it doesn’t keep me up while I’m trying to go to sleep.

I love that I don’t wake up groggy or with a “hangover” with Ladykind Wind Down CBD tincture. If you’ve ever used a sleeping pill, a bottle of wine, or a THC gummy to get to sleep, you know that feeling of not really feeling your best in the morning. That simply doesn’t happen with this CBD formula. You wake up refreshed and ready to conquer your day (and especially with your morning dose of Rise Up Tincture!).

The science behind Ladykind CBD tincture for sleep

There’s more than CBD in Ladykind’s Wind Down Tincture. It also contains another cannabinoid cannabinol (CBN), valerian root, and melatonin. Other ingredients that rounds out this one-of-a-kind formula include ashwagandha maca root, magnesium, black cohosh, holy basil, and panax ginseng.

Here’s what why these ingredients are amazing for relaxation, sleep, and even nighttime pain relief:

  • CBN – cannabinol, a rare phytocannabinoid that may promote sleep, reduce pain, and lower inflammation levels.
  • Maca Root – this superfood native to Peru can promote relaxation and even reduce symptoms of menopause like hot flashes and night sweats.
  • Valerian Root – an herb used to relax muscles, reduce anxiety, and promote sleep. It may also have benefits for women with menstrual cramps, PMS, or hot flashes from menopause.
  • Melatonin – a hormone produced by the pineal gland at night to induce sleep. It may also help with anxiety.
  • Black Cohosh – an herb with similar effects as estrogen, often used for menopause, PMS, and painful periods.
  • Holy Basil – an adaptogen that helps reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Panax Ginseng – an Asian herb that may improve sleep and mood issues in menopausal women.
  • Magnesium – a vital mineral involved in over 300 body processes, including sleep and mood.
  • Ashwagandha -an adaptogen that promotes sleep and reduces stress in anxious people.
  • MCT Oil – medium chain triglycerides (MCT) come from coconut oil and have many health benefits, including reducing inflammation and providing a quick burst of energy.

Do you have to worry about failing a drug test when using Ladykind CBD?

Ladykind CBD oil tinctures are made from broad-spectrum hemp extracts, meaning they have CBD and minor cannabinoids and terpenes, but no THC. That means you won’t have to worry about ever failing a drug test for marijuana. What makes their products stand out is that their novel formulations. They combine CBD with other novel cannabinoids like CBG or CBN to get the powerful “entourage effect” of multiple cannabinoids working together, and also include other potent vitamins and natural supplements.

Want to learn more about CBD oil?

My book CBD Oil For Health: 100 Amazing Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil covers the science of CBD oil more deeply, as well as applications for pelvic pain and beauty and health CBD recipes. You can buy it on Amazon here.

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