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How To Check If Your Weed Is Old

How To Check If Your Weed Is Old

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Whether you want to try cannabis for the first time or use it on a regular basis, I’m sure that tasting expired cannabis is not something you want to do. Everyone prefers smoking fresh and high quality cannabis, it just makes the experience so much better. Smoking stale weed will result in the potency not being strong enough. You might not even get high off smoking old cannabis. So what’s the point then?

You don’t see people drinking expired milk from the refrigerator or eating rotten fruits. This is because the nutrients have already disappeared and there is really no point consuming them. In fact, you may even get sick from using these expired products. In the same way, you might go ill if you use expired cannabis.

This is why this article will set out to discuss how you can see the freshness of cannabis. You can use the senses you were born with: sight, smell, and feeling. These will help guide you to know whether the cannabis you have in your hands are fresh, or not fresh.

It is important that you can tell the difference between fresh cannabis and stale cannabis. Just because you just bought cannabis from an online dispensary does not mean that you will be getting fresh ones. They might slip in some old weed from the bottom of the container and you may never even know.

What does the cannabis look like

Oftentimes, you should be able to tell if a cannabis is expired just by taking a whiff of it. Also, if you see that the cannabis strain is all dried out and breaks into pieces, there is a good chance it is no longer fresh. In other words, if your cannabis strain arrives in a state where it does not really hold its shape, then it is probably expired. A good and fresh cannabis strain should look delicious, with its cannabis buds letting off juicy smells for you to savor.

This is another reason why I like to eat weed gummies instead of smoke cannabis. They just last much longer in storage compared to cannabis strains. The reason is because they usually have some preservatives in them that makes them not expire too quickly.  Another thing as well is if it does not smell nice at all, it is probably expired. Cannabis should smell nice!

So how do you know what good weed smells like? It should smell like the scent of something herbal and woody. A good idea is also let your cannabis friends smell the cannabis you just bought. They are more experienced than you and asking for help is always a good idea. However, if you don’t have cannabis friends, use your best judgement! It should not smell funky.

A friend of mine also shared that expired cannabis can sometimes smell like urine. If you smell this, definitely do not use it and throw it out right away. As for how it feels to the touch, fresh cannabis should feel tacky. It should also be a little dry.  Note: If the weed is too dry, it is probably old cannabis or close to its expiry date.

Obviously, this will differ depending on what kind of marijuana strains you get. Some cannabis strains are just more potent and would feel different compared to less potent strains.

How much light touches the weed

When you store cannabis where light can touch it, this will make it expire faster. This is just the reality of it. Just remember, light and air are one of the two factors that make pretty much any sort of food can bad faster.

By keeping it in proper storage, your weed can last much longer. You will be surprised how much longer it can stay fresh by simply putting it in an air-tight container away from sunlight. When cannabis is exposed to air, it gives microorganisms the chance to grow. In fact, it will help enhance the growing process which will spoil your cannabis.

What we now know about old weed

Every cannabis strain is different. However, they will still follow a similar trajectory where it will lose its THC potency over time. Sure, your cannabis can still taste fine after a few months. However, the THC may not be nearly as high as when you first bought it. In other words, you will get less “high” off it. In any case, good weed will always taste 100x better than expired ones.

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