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Get Natural Relief From Neck Pain

Get Natural Relief From Neck Pain

man needs natural neck pain relief from mushroom md

Chronic pain in your neck can be an especially difficult type of pain to manage. Limiting motion can do only so much, and even the smallest movements may aggravate your injury or condition considerably. Nevertheless, you should pursue every possible avenue for relief.

Even if you don’t have a ton of confidence that a particular pain management strategy or treatment will work for you, they’re certainly worth exploring before moving onto more invasive treatments such as a fusion or discectomy surgery. Here are some ways to get your neck pain down to a more manageable level.

Use a Natural Remedy like CBD

Most NSAIDs and prescription pain medicines are directed for only short term use, so it’s a good idea to explore treatments that carry fewer unwanted side-effects. CBD may help with easing muscle tension and interrupting the transmission of nerve pain throughout different receptors in your neck and arms. You can use it as a topical remedy or ingest it. If you need to find CBD for pain relief Fredericksburg VA, reach out to a provider who can give you some insight about which type of product would best meet your needs.

Get Prescription Strength Lidocaine Patches

The prescription version of lidocaine patches may offer a little more efficacy than the drug store version. In addition, some of the prescription patches tend to adhere a little better and offer more long-lasting relief.

Change Your Sleeping Position

If you’re a side sleeper, odds are you’ve been sleeping that way your whole life. Once you have a neck injury, however, sleeping on your side may cause you to wake up feeling really stiff and sore. Try to experiment with sleeping on your back to see if it makes you feel any better when you get up. The change may take some getting used to, but any relief would be well worth the adjustment period.  

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